uPVC or PVCu?

It’s a common question in our industry, uPVC or PVCu, what’s the difference? Both refer to the same material and there is no difference whatsoever.

In the late 1980’s uPVC was changed to PVCu so that it would fit with term being used by the rest of the European market. European languages mainly place a noun (PVC) before an adjective (U) and so the ‘U’ changed ends.

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride whilst the U stands for Unplasticised.

PVCu Benefits

PVCu is an ideal material for window and door fabrication given its numerous benefits which include; value for money, low maintenance, excellent durability, high security and of course it’s an very good insulator when it comes to both heat and sound. Furthermore, there’s the environmental impact to consider, the VEKA Halo system that we use is designed to produce zero waste to landfill during production and is fully recyclable and lead free.

For more information about VEKA Halo system we use please visit our main website https://www.allarddoubleglazing.co.uk

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