How To Buy Double Glazing

We know, the double glazing industry has a somewhat tarnished reputation. Much of this is because of companies offering dubious deals and using pressure driven sales tactics. But there are companies, such as ourselves, that offer a consistently genuine service without the tricks, waffle and pushy ‘sign today’ methods.

Knowledge is power and in this post, we show you how to buy double glazing whilst knowing what to look for and the price tricks to avoid.

Find At Least 3 Reputable Companies to Quote

We advise our clients to get at least 3 quotes to compare and no matter how much pressure is applied and ‘discounts’ offered, you should never accept the first quote offered.

Ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations of companies they’ve used and use the internet to research services in your area and always look for independent reviews.

Double glazing is a major purchase and just like you’d shop around for a new car, you should do the same for windows and doors.

Sales Tricks to Watch Out For

We’ve all seen double glazing adverts offering up to 75% off and heard of ‘sign today for discount’ deals, but are they real? In a word, no.

How Do They Do It?

These deals work off what’s known as a loaded pricelist. The representative prices your project and let’s say he (or she) works it out to £5000 on his piece of paper which you don’t see. He then loads this price and starts pitching to you at £10,000. This gives the rep room for price drops to give the illusion of huge savings.

Some reps will go so far as phoning their manager to authorise a big discount. This is merely an act to try and convince you that the deal is real.

We’ve heard of ridiculous discounts being applied to try and force homeowners to sign today along with 3 hour sales pitches and reps that just won’t leave. Be very wary of anyone that uses these tactics and never, ever be forced into signing there and then.

What’s With The Pressure and Why Wont He Leave?

A lot of pressure comes from commission based reps which are synonymous with shall we say, some large companies. The rep wants the deal signed there and then and at the highest price he can get away with, because it puts money is his pocket. If he doesn’t get the deal signed there and then, obviously someone else could get the work.

Don’t be pushed around or pressured into anything, take your time to consider your options, carry out your own research and proceed when you are good and ready.

Comparing Quotes

Once you’ve got all your quotes in its time to compare. Be sure to not just go on pricing. There are plenty of companies offering low cost PVCu systems at high prices and securing sales because many people are conditioned into thinking that the most expensive must be the best.

Comparison Checklist

  • Products – Not all PVCu systems are equal and the internet comes in handy here as you can research the products for yourself and get unbiased reviews from other homeowners.
  • Price
  • Guarantees – Product, Workmanship and Liability
  • Installers Reputation, Accreditation’s and Years in Business
  • Quality of Completed Works – It can be very helpful to have a look at projects already completed by the installers.

What you should be looking for is a high quality product and service at a competitive price, from a reputable company that will take care of you before, during and after installation.

Will The Installation Be Certified?

It’s always a good idea to choose a company that is registered with a competent person scheme. We’re with Certass, but there are several others. Membership means that companies can self-certify that their work complies with current building regulations and works will carry and insurance backed guarantee.

In England and Wales, new and replacement windows must meet certain regulations, and homeowners require a certificate to show compliance. A Competent Person Scheme member will issue this certificate to you.


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